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      Vacuum oven
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      2018-05-03 12:19:14
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      power supply

      Inner dimension

      External dimensions

      Temperature system

      Structural design

      Temperature control

      Vacuum range

      Vacuum pump

      Internal device

      External device



      AC380V  3φ  50HZ  6KVA



      1. Normal temperature -400 ° C, normal temperature -300 ° C takes about 55 minutes (empty furnace test).

      2. Control accuracy ± 1 ° C,

      3. The door is cooled by air cooling to ensure the sealing performance of the sealing strip.

      4. Independent two-way temperature detection, automatic heating, automatic cooling, constant temperature self-maintaining

      1. Adopt single door design, the control box is located on the right side of the machine.

      2. The interior uses SUS430#3.0t stainless steel plate.

      3. The external use SS41#1.5t steel plate, after rust-proof treatment, paint, sea blue.

      4. Using advanced insulation cotton, the inner liner is directly heated, the thickness of the insulation is 100mm, and the surface temperature of the machine is low.

      5. The use of high temperature resistant silicone hot glue is tight, environmentally friendly and non-polluting.

      6. With strong type of door buckle, the power is tight and easy to open and close, and the rear button is durable.

      It adopts Japanese-made UNC-TH touch screen programmable controller (including USB and R232 interface), PID automatic calculation, LED display, digital setting, and PT100 Taiwan Juno electric thermal sensor installed in the inner tank. .

      Vacuum limit ≤100mtrr

      Under normal temperature and no-load condition, the vacuum degree drops by ≤1500mtrr in 12 hours, and the machine has a lower line vacuum starting device to ensure an ideal vacuum environment inside the box.

      A joint venture brand SV-80 15L vacuum pump is equipped with a condenser and a set of air buffer tanks to ensure the normal operation of the vacuum pump.

      1. Security protection system: temperature control adopts PID electronic automatic constant temperature controller with over temperature alarm

      Function, can automatically disconnect the heating element.

      2. Select the automatic state: the constant temperature time can be set arbitrarily, and the actual time can be set.

      And the number of cycles can be set arbitrarily, and the automatic vacuuming is completed to the pressure holding state after the constant temperature time!

      3. Power supply, Japan OMRON relay, control line fuse, over temperature preventer, no fuse switch. All electrical accessories are in line with national standard first-class products.

      4. Hot air circulation heating, the box is divided into two layers of shelves, with two stainless steel flat plates.

      12mm tempered safety glass window, Japan SMC digital vacuum gauge.

      Comes with a 3m long power cord. For the safety of the pump, it is equipped with a set of high temperature vacuum ring protection cans.

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